Washing Machine Protection

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The washing machine should be placed in a dry, ventilated corner without direct sunlight. Avoid putting in a kitchen or damp bathroom where there are corrosive gases. Otherwise, the surface parts can be oxidized or corroded, and the insulation of the electrical parts is reduced.

Should avoid mechanical shock, collision or scratch.

After using, should drain out water in the bucket, rinse the bucket with clean water then drain. Take out the filter and remove the sundries. Clean and dry the washing machine with a clean and soft cloth to keep it clean and tidy. For white washing machines, a small amount of toothpaste can be rubbed on soft cloth when it is dirty.


Avoid damage to the surface of the body paint and the surface gloss of the plastic parts. Then, the various knobs and keys can be restored in place, so that the drain valve is closed, and the drain pipe is collected and hung on the box.

After using the washing machine, and with perfumed washing powder of Aogrand, the machine cover should be opened for a period of time. When the moisture in the machine is released, it should be covered, so as to avoid the internal parts of the machine being corroded by moisture and emitting the unpleasant gas.

Lubricate the running parts of the washing machine regularly. Such as double prodding washing machine’s main axle parts, motor bearings and so on.

Should check the transmission parts of the washing machine regularly, ground performance, whether the power cord is damaged, etc., find the problem and solve it in time. Mind if there are coins, buttons and other sundries in the washing machine.

Remove the coins, hair clips and other items in the clothing before washing, so as to avoid the failure of the surface of the wave wheel and wash bucket and the bottom of the liner.

When coins, buttons and other sundry off after pulsator below, not only can cause abnormal scale rings when catharsis, and when he was out of the drain valve, and often causes congestion, slow drainage, or resist drain valve core, making it difficult to close and leaking.

Therefore, when a foreign object is found in the laundry bucket, it should be removed immediately. When there is debris under the wheel, screw the screw and remove the wheel.

When already having been in the  drainage pipe, wash drainage pipe with plenty of water, if still can’t rush out, and has set up a slow drainage or leakage caused by failure, desirable under drainage filters, wire bent into a hooked and drain hook take. When the valve core is stuck, open the drain valve to clean.


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