Wash Hands with Soap Or Hand Sanitizer?

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Wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer?


Hand sanitizer can only meet the removing of
dirt, disinfection is the main purpose of hand washing, and hand sanitizer can only meet its sterilization effect. Because most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, alcohol can not effectively remove the dirt attached to small gaps in the skin, such as dust, dirt and so on.

Hand sanitizer in public places is relatively appropriate.
In fact, fully wash your hands in steps, soap or hand sanitizer, anti-anti-bacterial are not much difference at home. However, in public places, hand-washing liquid soap is more appropriate than the solid, because the hand-washing liquid after each press to obtain a certain amount, less contamination problems, and solid soap is placed and repeated contact with people, Species of pathogen contamination. If contact with the source of infection (such as nursing patients), you can use alcohol disinfectant hand sanitizer, and further disinfection and cleaning.
Many people wash their hands just superficial, dip some water, coated with soap, immediately washed away, the whole process 3 to 5 seconds to get away, even by hand dip in the water even if washed, so wash your hands is not in place. To wash your hands, in addition to the naked eye visible stains washed away, each hands need to hand painted soap repeatedly rub for more than 10 seconds, and then rinse with flowing water. If you suspect contact with the source of infection, you need to repeat the above steps to thoroughly clean.

Washing hands with soap can disinfect.soap composition: containing glyceryl stearate. Additives: boric acid, sulfur, phenolic and other bactericidal ingredients, can eliminate certain bacteria.



Correct hand washing methods:
1, hand soap can only be used as a reserve army of soap, the best way to wash your hands is to use soap to remove dirt, then use hand sanitizer lotion.
2, in the use of hand sanitizer, it is not the more the better, each time by using a drop is enough, in the hands repeatedly scrub, then mobile water rinse for 15 seconds or more, so that you can thoroughly wash the hand sanitizer.

Summary, for public places, crowded areas, hand soap is better than soap. Select CLEACE series of hand sanitizer is better.
However, in the home environment, the choice of CLEACE series of soap better.


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