Warning! We Got Fake Goods!

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We are very surprised to find fake goods from our distributor feedback. They not only copied our packaging design but also the logo only has a single letter difference.

In fact, genuine and fake goods at first glance, still very similar. If consumers can look carefully when they buy these products, there will be many kinds of subtle differences. The following I will tell you the difference between the real and the fake goods. What are the aspects of the true or false identification of washing powder?

Packaging: a poor quality or fake detergent, the printing on the packet is usually printed on the wrong version or ink. Why is that? Because this is not a printing plant. On the contrary, high-quality detergent does not make such a low-level mistake, printing clear, ink-free pollution, no wrong version.

A. There are three holes in the head of the bag


In the upper part of the package, we made three holes for the convenience and convenience of the user.

We have to mention the vast majority of consumers to pay attention to the selection of washing powder.

B. Logo only has a single letter difference


Joby is our brand, and we’ve been using it for 10 years. Its Chinese name is “巧白”. In order to reflect the decontamination ability of our laundry powder, we specifically designed the letter “O”.

Please recognize the brand and carefully select when buying detergent.

C. The children in the lower right corner are the same


A lot of people feel that laundry detergent is used for laundry, not for food. Why should you care so much? Actually otherwise, once used false laundry powder, not only can cause skin disease, still can reduce the body’s resistance greatly, it is not good to our health. Therefore, when buying products, it is appropriate to identify the brand and carefully select it.

D. The overall style we are two colors, they add a color


Besides, we can also identify the authenticity of washing powder from other sources.

Appearance: fake and shoddy washing powder, the hard stuff with modules or coarse particles. The gap in the pouch is large and heavy. The high-quality detergent is shaped like a hollow grain of rice, which can feel fluffy and full with the hand feeling in the bag. The distribution of the particles is evenly distributed, and the hand holds the laundry bag to loosen the feeling.

Distinguish from use: brand constitution of washing powder, dissolved in the water fast, touching the solution without handle, burning solution is clear and smooth, foaming capacity is much, detergency, less dosage and washing efficiency obviously, no pungent smell. And fake washing powder dissolved in the water slowly, the aqueous solution is cloudy and pelvic floor has sunken, touching the solution has a temperature the handle, bubble volume little, poor detergency, increase the dosage, the washing efficiency is still very low, a pungent smell of alkaline.

Thanks to our customers for their support and trust, we win the market together. We will continue to fight against with fake and inferior products.

Justice will prevail over evil! Our distributor partners and us already report to necessary dept. and will soon on processing.



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