Toilet Daily Deodorization Precautions

Household cleaning,News 2017-12月-周五 139

1. Ventilation

The peculiar smell of the exhaust pipe can only solve with ventilation and exhaust duct. Because the general toilet is narrow, the window is very small, the overall ventilated effect is poor. So, for convenient, it is best to keep the bathroom ventilation condition to avoid the deterioration of the peculiar smell.

2. Moisture

The toilet of some other people have no window, daylighting is bad. So it’s easy to breed bacteria. For your toilet, I suggest you prepare moisture-proof measures and don’t let the bathroom is in a state of moisture for a long time.

3. Fruit flavor

There are some methods that net friends offer. You can use some lemons, melons and oranges. The fruit that gives off fragrance and so on is placed in the toilet, can dilute toilet peculiar smell.


4. Some aromatherapy

Sometimes even if we clean the bathroom, but it still has a bad smell, then you can put a dish of aromatherapy in the bathroom or a small cup of balsamic vinegar in the toilet, the stink will disappear. The vinegar is valid for six or seven days and can be replaced once a week. I prefer you to choose our air fresheners to keep the toilet fresh.

5. Activated carbon or tea

Activated carbon has a good adsorption effect. Dry the leftover tea leaves from activated charcoal or our daily life and put it in the toilet or in the ditch. It can also remove the stench.

6. Deodorizing baking soda

With a cup with some baking soda, and then drop a few drops of essential oil, it is scattered in the toilet, baking soda deodorization function, the essential oil can be sending out the natural aroma, compared with the use of air freshener, can let the toilet with natural and pure and fresh smell.



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