Tips on Washing Silk Garments

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The popularity of Chinese costume make silk fabrics popular on the market, and silk clothing by its soft and smooth texture put on the good performance of wet absorption and breathable ability. These traits play a very important role in the summer, but in order to make the bright, fresh and durable, you still should maintain well:

It is best to wash silk products with soft water, and the temperature is best at 35-40c.

Alkali can cause damage to silk fiber, neutral detergent or silk hair detergent should be used instead of others.

Salt is also harmful to the silk. Silk garments need to be washed frequently, so as to avoid the appearance of yellow spots, which was intended to extend its service life.


When washing, do not stir vigorously or rub hard, should knead the silk fiber gently.

After washing, hang in the cool and ventilated place and let it dry, Can’t be exposed to direct sunlight, lest the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight causes the fiber to be brittle and fade.

When drying, cover silk with a white cloth, iron with iron (not too high, always average, do not use steam), do not spray water, or it will cause water stains and affect beauty.

Place the camphor ball with paper wrapped up, in order to avoid bug eat by moth, between each dress, a layer of paper or non-woven fabric should be placed, white silk with a blue paper, avoid using a blank sheet of paper or cloth, so as to avoid becoming yellow.

The thin silk blouse and dress are mostly washable. Aogrand provides various washing powders and there’s always one for you.

The method is: immerse the clothes in cold clear water first, make perspiration dissolve in water. Another neutral soap flakes or advanced synthetic detergent, dissolve in hot water, wait for after cooling will have wet clothes in the soap for 20 minutes or so, then, to gently knead, a dirty collar and cuffs additive with neutral soap powder or soap gently scrub, finally clean water, remove the clothes from the water not wring dry on a hanger, the drop of water to dry in a cool, ventilated place.

Dark clothes are best left to dry when covered with white cloth. Do not spray water when ironing to avoid water damage. Dark clothes must be ironed from the back. Don’t wash your clothes in a washing machine or brush them with a nylon brush (except for a man’s shirt collar).

Don’t hang your clothes directly on a clothesline or string. Don’t get exposed to the sun.

Silk shirt, the dress should be changed frequently, because silk is protein fiber, the sweat stain time is easy to combine with protein, and difficult to clean. For woven brocade, antique satin, gold jade satin and other fabrics which are woven of silk fabrics, take the use of dry cleaning. Separate deep light colors, and don’t mix them together.


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