The Common Sense of Washing Powder

News 2017-7月-周六 1,204

It’s wrong to think that good washing powder is necessarily frothy. In washing powder, there is a substance called “active substance” which separates the dirt from the clothes from the clothes and rinses them with water to remove the dirt. The foam is just the activity of the active substance during the washing process. So it’s not about how much clothes are washed and how much. At present, the washing powder sold in the market has the advantage of eliminating excessive frosting.


Some people think that the more detergent you have, the cleaner your clothes will be. Because you’re putting too much powder on your friends, reduce the surface tension of the water. If the concentration of detergent is kept below 5%, its decontamination ability is the strongest, because of the concentration, the clothing is quickly soaked through, and the dirt becomes a grade school dispersed in the water. If the washing powder is too large, the solution is too thick, the fiber of the clothes is not easy to penetrate, the dirt is not easy to dissolve in the water, the decontamination ability is reduced.

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