Take Care of Your Sheets

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How often do you and your family wash the pillow towels, bedding bags, and the sheets? If the answer is more than a month, your bed may be covered with invisible dust and bacteria, and over time, there will be an allergic disease.

According to experts, the average person spends at least 7 to 8 hours a day on sleep, each party excretes 200ml of sweat, providing a breeding ground for various bacteria breeding on the bedding. Generally speaking, the pillow towel, bed sheet, bedding bag with all sorts of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa cyst.


If not cleared of these bacteria, it is bound to spread all kinds of diseases, which is harmful to human health. When the weather is good, suitable for drying, that suggests you undertake a big wash to the bedding in the home at once, then take out to dry the sun, use ultraviolet ray of sunshine to disinfect.

At the same time when changing the bed cover and sheet, you might as well use the vacuum cleaner or the wet dishcloth to clean out the dirt that remains on the mattress, hair and so on.

If there is a stain, use soap to daub the a dirty place, then use dry cloth to absorb clean, or use a hairdryer to dry the wet stain, so it won’t be moldy or produce a peculiar smell. To this regard, Aogrand’s washing powder not only has very competitive prices but also gives effective results.

If you have special needs, you can add a cleaning pad between the mattress and the sheets. The special cotton layer in the cleaning pad can prevent moisture from entering the mattress to keep the mattress clean and dry, and to protect the function of warm absorption and easy to clean.

In addition, you can buy a mattress with a cover, which can be removed and cleaned. Besides, newly bought bed sheet has a peculiar smell, it is the smell of formaldehyde.

In the process of producing sheets, formaldehyde is used to prevent the fabric from wrinkling. Therefore, the newly bought bed sheets should be cleaned and reused before use with salt water. Because of the possible residual anti-wrinkle treatment of the new sheet – formaldehyde.



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