South Korea Found The First Case of The Virus in March 2016

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According to Yonhap reported that South Korea disease management headquarters 22 news, returned from Brazil on the morning of a 43 year old male L were diagnosed with Zika virus. This is South Korea for the first time found that the case of infection with the village card.
L from February 17th to 11 in Brazil on a business trip. After returning to the 16 day of fever, muscle pain and other symptoms, and then he visited the medical authorities and told him to visit Brazil. At that time the symptoms of L is relatively mild. The 19 day of a L face, body rash, muscle pain. 21, the disease management of the Department of L for a nucleic acid detection (PCR) results show that patients with the virus nucleic acid positive. Disease management department is L a second nucleic acid detection, the results will be released in the afternoon.
At present, the disease management of the Department in a hospital ward Chonnam National University of L a were treated in isolation, and emergency dispatch personnel to the epidemiological survey he lived Chonnam after returning to Guangyang, to investigate his moving route, accompanied by staff, specific symptoms.
In the Asian countries, in February 9th, China confirmed the first case of infection of the case of the village of infection, in February 25th, the first case in japan. The disease management of the Department to remind in the presence of Zika virus infections of the National Tourism citizens, if returned within two weeks have a fever, rash, conjunctivitis, joint pain, muscle pain, headache and other symptoms, you must visit the medical organ and inform the exit of facts. One month after returning to the relevant personnel may not donate blood, women of childbearing age should be delayed two months of pregnancy.


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