Some Questions About Washing Powder

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Isn’t there a shelf life for washing powder?

Washing powder cannot be used indefinitely. Ordinary washing powder can be stored for two years or more. But some detergent, which adds special ingredients, has been used for less than two years.

How to get the best washing effect?

1. In hard water areas (water calcium and magnesium ion concentration are higher) can appropriately increase the dosage of washing powder or boil and dispersant LBD – 1, boil extra calcium and magnesium ions in tap water, softening the effect.

2. When the laundry detergent is fully dissolved, the clothes should be put in the soaking. Otherwise, a significant amount of washing powder will be concentrated in the local clothes, and the clothes will be burnt when dissolved.

3. Ordinary washing powder is better after soaking in warm water because it is added to the total decontamination factor of the low-temperature and bright white enzyme.


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