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Soap has the effect of washing and decontaminating. People often use soap to wash clothes, wash their hands, wash their bodies, etc.

In addition to the usefulness of washing, soap has many other ingenious uses.

  1. The soot scale at the bottom of the pot is the most difficult to remove. If a layer of soap is applied to the bottom of the pot before use and then washed, the scale of the soot at the bottom of the pot can be reduced.
  2. After applying soap on the metal shell of the watch, wipe it with a cloth to prevent sweat erosion.
  3. Release agent: When applying paint, apply some soap to the nails, and the paint will not be easily embedded in the nail gap.
  4. Insecticide: After the furniture is worm-eaten, the hole is blocked with soap, which can cause the mites to suffocate and die. If the liquid is poured into the locust nest with thick soap, the mites can be killed. (Of course, we have specialized pesticides)
  5. Ingestion of toxic foods, drugs, foreign bodies, drink some soapy water before going to the doctor, you can spit out the abdomen, which is beneficial to treatment.
  6. Soap can be used to make the new zipper work.
  7. Writing agent: When writing a brush on a new cloth or a smooth wooden board and the writing is unclear, add a thick soapy liquid to the ink and stir it before writing. The writing is clearly visible.
  8. Itching: After being bitten by a mosquito, apply some soap to the wound to stop itching.We can provide different soaps according to your different requirements.Beauty soap,laundry soap,toilet soap and so on.Different sizes,different modules,different fregrances,different packing we all can do for you.If you are interested in our soap or other products, please contact us.My email address: lucia@aogrand.com


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