Recommendation of Silkworm Silk Washing Method

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Mulberry silk is a continuous filament produced by the solidification of silk in the cocoon of a mature silkworm, also known as “natural silk”. With mulberry silk as raw material, the loom can be processed into various kinds of fabrics. We all know that natural silk is precious, so how do you clean mulberry silk?

As a washing powder  producer, I would like to recommend the washing method of mulberry silk.


1. There are many varieties of real silk, some of which are not suitable for washing, such as brocade, brocade, antique satin, Titian silk, incense, velvet, etc. Some varieties are suitable for dry-cleaning, such as velvet, Zhangs, georgette, etc. Some can be washed, soak in cold water for about 10 minutes before washing, soaking time should not be too long. Wash cold water or warm water, not long soak; Gently knead, do not scrub vigorously. Choose light gear when washing machine. Deep colors are generally easy to fade;

2. Non-alkali resistant, neutral non-enzymatic or silk detergent should be selected;

3. Do not use chlorine to help soak, can use oxygen to aid lotion to stain;

4. Using extrusion wash, avoid twisting, squeezing and removing water, hanging scrolling or semi-suspended, not in the sun, drying;

5. Use the softener to maintain soft feel and anti-static.

6. Silk clothes should be hung and stored, and the containers and cabinets for storing clothing should be kept clean and dry, and sealed to prevent dust pollution. Do not sprinkle deodorant or perfume, and do not place camphor balls.

7. Preserve silk garments, for thin underwear, shirts, trousers, skirts, pajamas, etc., first wash clean, iron dry and then collect.

8. The clothes, coat, and cheongsam of autumn and winter should be washed and cleaned with dry cleaning to prevent mildew and decay. After the ironing can also play the role of sterilization and sterilization. When ironing, the clothes should be left to dry and then evenly spray water for 3 to 5 minutes.

9. Ironing temperature should be controlled between 130 degrees to 140 degrees, the iron should not be clicking silken face directly, lest produce aurora, must be stamped with a wet cloth on hot again, in case of high temperature that silk hair brittle or even burning.


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