Q&A About Hand Washing Liquid

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Are hand washing liquids harmful?

It’s going to be a little bit. Chemicals in hand washing liquid may irritate hand skin that is not suitable for people with skin allergies. It is recommended that you wash it and then put on hand cream, which is generally harmless.

Tips for using hand washing liquid:

When you use the hand washing liquid, don’t press too much at a time, pay attention to rub to the fingers, fingers, and let each part of the foam can cover the whole hand, hands rub each other more than 30 seconds, and then rinse of not less than 15 seconds. Until your hands don’t feel greasy. Use a clean dry towel or paper towel to dry, preferably not to dry, in order to avoid the moisture of the skin, causing the skin to dry.


Sometimes after washing your hands with hand washing liquid, there will be a sticky feeling on your hand. What is the reason?

Proved this was because of flush time is too short, so much so that hand washing liquid not completely clean, don’t think this is a small thing, because there are some hand washing liquid contains some harmful chemical substances to the human body, such as triclosan, phthalates, polyethylene glycol (peg), etc., the material covered in the skin, can cause a certain degree of harm to human health, so after using hand washing liquid, had better use water to wash, and maintain adequate flushing time, finally with both hands palm relative, mutual rub hard a few times, if the hand and fine foam, that means no residual hand washing liquid, need to continue to flush.

Also, be careful not to wash your hands for long periods of time, as this can damage the skin’s fat layer, which can lead to inflammation and allergic reactions. Therefore, you should always use hand washing liquid as frequently as possible, and try not to use a strong hand washing liquid.

Wash with hand washing liquid, hands will be wet, not easy to dry.

The most important is the purpose of decontamination, although it is some surfactant.

The hand washing liquid is directly exposed to the skin. It should be applied directly to the skin, so the pH has higher requirements and cannot be alkaline. Second, he has a mild detergent and the most important thing is to avoid defatting. Hand washing liquid if defatted, use a lot of cans produce with soap too many hands to boss the phenomenon that crinkled. In a word, defatting is bad for your skin. Third, from the perspective, the hand washing liquid is a lotion, and it is easy to flush and not fully develop. This should be not so good, and hand washing liquid is good design and direct, concentration has been adjusted, before emulsion, after all, there is a lot of water as a solvent, and easy to rinse, due to the skin good affinity.

There are other small differences in additives, such as glycerin in hand washing liquid and aloe vera.


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