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News 2015-12月-周五 1,696

Our company has recently developed a new product – laundry sheet.


Laundry piece is an innovative laundry detergent, it makes the laundry products can be made into flakes, which is very lightweight and easy to carry. And in the hot and cold water will be dissolved immediately. It does not contain phosphorus, biodegradable and environment of almost no pollution, is a green product.

1.Using the latest nanotechnology forming super condensed laundry tablets, then with heavy gasoline is easy to the big bag of laundry detergent or moisture content as high as 80% of the washing liquid say goodbye
2.Hot and cold water, all can use, use a piece, eliminating the need for measuring cup, no spillage, follow one’s inclinations, open a new way of washing;
3.Laundry tablets are rich in anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, and the two of the surfactants, can be more deep clean clothes, give you a clean;
4.Only the volume of other washing supplies 1/5, a substantial reduction in transportation costs, and is extremely convenient to carry, do not occupy space, travel, travel;
5.Solid molding products, storage more convenient, no need to worry about washing powder, laundry detergent into paste and other issues;


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