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Product News 2020-05-01 195
CLEACE large-scale disinfectant company is also China's key protective epidemic material production enterprise. It is certified by the national consumer brand. It has focused on the production of daily chemical products for 20 years. It has a top R & D team in the industry. The factory covers an area of 70,000m² and has a storage capacity of tens of thousands of square meters. , The product first passed the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 three major management system certification, and CE, FDA, SDS and other international certification. The company's products have been wholesaled to more than 100 countries and regions in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and South America.
Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic continued to spread, masks, disinfectants and other products began to fall short of demand.
In the past, there were skincare product manufacturers such as Shell Pie and Meichen, etc., and later production lines such as BYD and LVMH Group "cross-border". As the new crown epidemic spread to the world, after the masks were hard to find, the disinfectant also ushered in a "highlight" moment that was almost out of stock.
While everyone is rushing for disinfectants, do they really understand the principles and use of disinfectants? Let me introduce you to the commonly used disinfectants and their principles in daily life.
In daily life, the most effective disinfectant against COVID-19 is non-75% alcohol and 84 disinfectants. It is not only available in pharmacies, supermarkets, and the Internet, but also cheap, and the method of use is also very simple. The Chinese government clearly stated in its fight against the epidemic that 75% ethanol and chlorine-containing disinfectants can effectively inactivate the COVID-19 virus.
The principle of 75% alcohol disinfection lies in its ethanol concentration. If the concentration is too high or too low, it is ineffective. Excessively high concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of bacteria to prevent it from entering the body of the bacteria. If the alcohol concentration is too low, although it can enter the bacteria, it cannot coagulate the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria. 75% alcohol can not only penetrate into the bacteria, but also coagulate the protein in the whole bacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
84 Disinfectant, also known as bleach, is a chlorine-containing disinfectant. Chlorine dissolves in water to form sodium hypochlorite. Generally, sodium hypochlorite> 5% has the most obvious disinfection effect. Sodium hypochlorite has strong oxidizing properties and can be hydrolyzed to form strong oxidizing hypochlorous acid. It oxidizes the reducing substances to make the microorganisms eventually lose their function and cannot reproduce or infect. It is mainly used for disinfecting the surface and environment of objects.
CLEACE 75% alcohol disinfectant, 84 disinfectant, complete specifications, not only the large bottles of peace of mind for the whole family, but also refills of various specifications! Is a large disinfectant wholesaler! Our company provide different disifection products. If you are interested in us, you can contact us by your convient way.


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