Practical Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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A clean and tidy kitchen will not only help you to eat more hygienic, but it will also give you a good mood when doing so. Clean and safe kitchens can reduce the risk of food and accidents at home. Maintenance of proper kitchen cleaning is necessary for all age groups.

Kitchen cleaning is a headache in daily life, so how can you clean the kitchen? Here’s a quick look at kitchen cleaning tips.


The sink should be kept clean

Daily washing dishes, washing the dishes in the sink, so the kitchen sink is easily contaminated by oil dirties. If not completely clean at ordinary times, after a period of time will be stained with a layer of oil on the tank wall. Sprinkle a bit of salt on the greasy spot, then wipe it up and down with the old plastic wrap, rinse it off with warm water after wiping it, and let the sink shine like new.

In the corner and around the sink in water can use a small brush or toothbrush dipped in salt, soapy water, the cleaner is wiped, downstream water cover available warm soapy water to soak for 10 minutes and then clean, can achieve ideal decontamination effect.

Clean the lampblack machine

Smoke lampblack machine is the hardest to clean the kitchen in the kitchen, oil box of oil pour out first, and then the oil box was soaked in soapy water or neutral detergent against into warm water for 20 minutes, if the oil stubborn, can soak 40 minutes. If a small amount of oil pollution can be soaked directly with warm water, wash, dry. If the oil is more serious, it can be soaked with the oil box.

Clean gas range

The grease on the surface of the gas stove can be applied to the surface of the hot soup after the noodles are boiled. After a few minutes, the cloth will be cleaned and then washed.

The gas burner is in commonly done cleaning after a meal, while gas burner and keypad with soap and water or soda water to wipe with a wet cloth. If the gas burner is completely cooled, and then wiped the oil, boiled porridge and the rice soup, it will be difficult to clean.

Soak 100 cloth in the beer, then wipe the kitchen stove with the stain, can be bright as new. In addition, use the remaining radish or green melon crumbs, dip in the cleanser after cleaning, rinse again with clean water, the decontamination effect is also very good.


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