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Pay Attention to Fruits

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Pay attention to fruits



with the developing demand for fruits,  washing fruit safely become  of a program with more and more people’s attention.

how to Wash  fruit with detergent is the best?

1, fruit which needs to peel before eated. Such as mango, litchi, longan, watermelon and so on.

Because people do not eat skin, for the first type of fruit cleaning is relatively simple, clean and then peeling or sliced ??food, so as not to peel the pesticide contamination of pulp.


2, need to peel or eat with the skin of the fruit. Such as apples, pears, grapes, guava, etc.,

This fruit is generally larger and smooth skin. For this type of fruit, if you do not eat skin ,you can clean it in accordance with the first processing. But the skin is also rich in nutrients,

if you want to eat the skin ,you should clean it cacefully, such as washing it with the production of ClEACE.


3, with skin to eat fruit such as cherries, strawberries, bayberry, mulberry, etc.

such fruits are generally small and easy broken in washing.




Here we focus on talking about how to clean the fruit with skin:

The purpose of cleaning fruit: The purpose of fruit cleaning, mainly two aspects, one to remove pesticide residues, the other is to remove the dirt surface of the fruit, which is washed with water can solve the problem. Now our most critical question is how to remove pesticide residues.

Fruit agricultural pesticides are divided into water-soluble pesticides and fat-soluble pesticides. For the former water can be washed away, the latter rinse with water is difficult to satisfactory.The DW series of fruit detergent  under  CLEACE can  wash fruit skin will be better, because the adsorption of residual pesticides.





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