Note The Use of Washing Powder

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Proper use of detergent can improve the effectiveness of washing powder, the maximum plays the role of washing powder, but also save water. Before use should look at the packaging, find out the type of washing powder, and by the instructions on the use of bags correctly. In general, the detergent should be dissolved with warm water. And then soaked in wet clothing which, 15 to 20 minutes after the best washing effect. It is important to note that the temperature of the enzyme washing powder can not exceed 60 ℃. Otherwise, the enzyme will be inactivated (invalid), thus affecting the washing effect.



1、Has have been dissolved in the water detergent powder, can be absorbed through the skin into the body, long-term accumulation quickly damages the liver function, and even cancer.

2、The detergent powder is sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, sodium sulfate, sodium mycelium iodate, sodium tripolyphosphate and carboxymethyl fiber synthesis of alkaline chemical detergent. Often touch the washing powder (water), easy to make the skin keratinization, chap crack; wash the hair with the washing powder will make the hair yellow, crisp; into the human hematopoietic system will affect the liver function.

3、Add enzyme detergent added alkaline protease to hydrolyze the protein on the clothing, play a role in decontamination. This alkaline protease can also break down the skin surface protein, and people are suffering from allergic dermatitis, eczema and so on.

4、Baby diaper, underwear, underwear, and adult underwear do not use detergent to wash (but can use soap, or natural soap powder); washing cooking utensils, chopsticks are also not suitable for washing clothes, Use detergent. Long-term exposure to detergent personnel should be necessary to protect, try not to direct contact with washing powder.


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