Know More About Zika Virus, You Can Effectively Prevent It

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What is Zika Virus? This is not a new virus. As early as in 1947, Uganda’s card in the forest, scientists have traces of the virus found in macaques, also have a basic understanding of investigation and: it is a kind of yellow virus, mainly is spread by mosquito bites, the most important of these two kinds of media, just like Americans known as dengue fever, is Egypt mosquitoes and the white spot mosquito.

Infected with this virus, the typical symptoms are rash, fever and joint pain or conjunctivitis (red eyes), sometimes with symptoms such as a headache, muscle soreness, and post-eye socket pain.


Overall speaking, the symptoms are similar to dengue fever, but in contrast is relatively mild, and dengue fever may cause more severe dengue is different, the performance of the Zika virus infection of only a few reports of serious illness case of illness. And it’s because of the very mild human disease that it causes, and even as many as 70 percents of the people who are infected with the virus have no symptoms.

As a result, the virus has been seen as a “mild version of dengue” since its discovery, most likely in the textbooks of infectious specialists or virologists. Although the Zika adapting just-in-time inventory at present there is no specific medicine or vaccine virus, even if really can only supportive therapy of infection, everybody is not particularly worried about, and almost no one will pay special attention to the Nazca virus cause human disease.

Zika virus was in 1947 in Uganda’s card in the forest a monkey found a virus in the body, is a kind of yellow fever virus, transmitted by aedes aegypti, symptoms such as fever, red spots SAO is urticant, body, sometimes also can lead to serious neurological complications and even death.

Pregnant women and newborns should avoid Zika Virus

Zika virus infection is temporary, but once the capitulum disease is a life-long problem. Although the United States centers for disease control, the world health organization (who) and Brazil’s local research institutions, significant efforts have experts, trying to clarify in the shortest possible time little head disease associated with this card virus, and the possible impact of how high, but the newborn congenital infection has always been a pediatric adapting just-in-time inventory of the most difficult to study a subject, it is not a simple task.

Zika virus infection is currently believed to be a mosquito-borne virus, no vaccine or drug treatment. Therefore, avoiding mosquito bites is the main prevention method. Mosquito coils and mosquito repellent liquid can be used in popular areas.

When you use mosquito coils, avoid staying indoors. When using anti-mosquito liquid, if have to use sunscreen lotion or cosmetics at the same time, anti-mosquito liquid spray onto the outermost layer, clothing is not sprayed anti-mosquito liquid, but with spraying Permethrin clothes treating agent better.


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