Master Daily Household Cleaning Knowledge, Save Time and Effort

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In daily life, we all need to clean the household goods. In this way, our home will be comfortable and pleasant. So it’s important to have some clean tips that will save you time and effort to clean your home. Especially when dealing with stubborn stains, simple tools, and simple manipulations can be used to remove stains easily.

The buckwheat skin pillow should be washed regularly


In a buckwheat husk pillow that has never been washed, half of the ingredients are dust mites and molds. So, the total does not clean the pillow core very likely will endanger the health. The buckwheat skin pillow core of the ordinary family, at least 3 months clean. If someone in the family is allergic to dust mites, it is best to put the pillow on the outside before cleaning.

No dead corners of the carpet

Vacuuming is the basic work that maintains carpet, can effectively remove the dirt of carpet surface. Another trick is to sprinkle the salt on the carpet and rub it repeatedly. When the salt is black, the carpet is facing down and the salt is knocked off.

The cleaning of the mattress is very important


Since mattresses are bulky and not directly exposed to the skin, they are often overlooked when cleaning. But the cleaning of the mattress is also very important.

The good method is, in the use of washing bed to use, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the skin that resists on the mattress, hair to wait to clean. If the mattress has besmirched, still usable soap daubs dirty place, wipe with clean soft cloth again but must try to make the mattress to become dry very quickly, this ability does not become moldy, produce a peculiar smell.


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