Learn How to Clean Your Home Quickly

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As a member of the family, learn how to clean and maintain, and keep your home clean at all times. Get some clean tips that will save you time and effort to clean your home.

So what are the cleaning techniques? Especially when dealing with stubborn stains, simple tools, and simple manipulations can be used to remove stains easily. Today, we have a few household cleaning tips for everyone, so speed up to learn.


1. After the cup is dyed with tea or coffee, it can be soaked in equal amounts of water and vinegar for about an hour and then cleaned with a sponge.

2. The glass wine glass is used for a long time to avoid the dirty residue. If you use some vinegar to wash it with water or rub it with salt, it will become sparkling.

3. The bathtub was dirty, let people lose interest in the bath, can mix two tablespoons of soda and baking soda in wet rub in bath crock, then after 10 minutes of two ounces of vinegar mixed with two ounces of bleach to cover half an hour, then rinse with plenty of water to restore their robes.

4. The grease and charred on the oil pan are most difficult to clean. Soak in a large amount of salt and a small amount of water for ten minutes.

5. If the sponge is brushed with charred or sauce, it will inevitably be dyed, as long as it is poured into two cups of hot water and two tablespoons of salt, and then one night it will be turned into a new sponge.

6. When the egg falls to the ground, it leaves a sticky stain. Cleaning the shell can also be punctured. Just sprinkle it with salt for 15 minutes and then wipe it with a tissue.

7. There is a taste for keeping pets at home. Just add lavender or lemon oil 10 drops to the spray bottle and spray with a tablespoon of sodas and two warm water to remove the smell.


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