Laundry Detergent Health Tips

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Detergent and disinfectant is the best partner


Many housewives in the wash his clothes, in order to eliminate bacterium are used to add some detergent, some people simply put the washing powder and detergent into the washing machine at the same time. In fact, this not only does not have the bactericidal effect, the human health also has the harm. Disinfectant is a chlorine-containing phenolic disinfectant. Excessive or incorrect use can be harmful. In addition, washing powder contains a surfactant, which can easily produce a chemical reaction and reduce the function of each function if used in combination with detergent and disinfectant. In addition, chlorine containing disinfectant and acid washing powder can be used to produce chlorine gas. When chlorine is strong, it can irritate people’s eyes, nose, throat and other organs. It can also injure people’s heart and lung function and even life. So normal washing method should be: in the washing machine a bucket of water in 3 ~ 5 drops of detergent, or 1% ~ 5% of the disinfection solution made up with water, put clothes, sheets, etc in soak 30 ~ 60 minutes, and then use the normal washing detergent

Washing powder also has expiration

Analysis: correct

Common washing powder stored properly in the environment can be good for two years, and add the special composition of washing powder, life may amount to less than two years. When preserving washing powder, it is best to put in a plastic bottle or jar with a lid to prevent the washing powder from absorbing the lump; On the other hand, it also prevents the fragrance from evaporating and makes people inhale more synthetic fragrances.


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