How To Wash the Cowboy Clothing?

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How to clean denim pants, new jeans are likely to discolor, and mixing other clothes is more likely to stain other clothing. When the newly purchased denim dress is first cleaned, you can wash it separately with salt water, so that it can be thoroughly washed away. Next time, you will not be afraid to wash with other clothes.

As a washing powder manufacturing industry, I will find solutions for you.


1. Avoid washing your pants with hot water

Whatever you do, you’d better not wash it in hot water. First of all, hot water can easily cause clothes to shrink, and for jeans, washing with hot water is very easy to fade, suggesting that you wash your clothes with warm water.

2. Soak jeans in salt water

Before you wash your jeans, put a certain amount of salt in the water, soak them in salt water for an hour, and then wash them effectively to reduce the fading of your clothes.

3. Wash jeans in turn

When you wash your jeans, turn them inside and wash them so you can protect them effectively. If you want better protection, put some white vinegar in the water so that you can solve the problem well.

4. Try to wash your trousers with laundry detergent

Try not to use laundry detergent, which will accentuate the color of your clothes. The color of your jeans will fade away, and you will lose your color.

5. Air the sun to turn over

Not only do you want to turn it over when you’re washing it, but when you’re drying your jeans, don’t put them in front of the sun, so you can turn them over to dry so that you can protect the color of your jeans to a great extent.



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