How to Wash Clothes Without Wrinkles?

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In the ordinary life, there will always be the phenomenon of clothing wrinkles, usually because of improper laundry, easy to cause the folds of clothes. If the clothes are wrinkled, even the best clothes will lose their color, feeling that the whole clothes will not shine before.

Now, as a washing powder manufacturing industry, I will find solutions for you.


Methods of unfolding laundry detergent

  • The bubble is a must, but time can not too long, the cotton is put after washing powder, the most bubble 35 minutes, also not absolutely cannot rub, the collar cuff is not rubbed, it is not clean.
  • The secret to wrinkling is:
    1. Don’t wring it out (this is for chemical fiber)
    2. For cotton thread and wool, you can’t bring water directly and hang it. While there is no wrinkle, there is a trail of clothing hanging on the shoulder. On the other hand, due to the gravity of water, make clothes elasticity to the limit, and for a long period of time limit, make clothes stretching deformation, the solution is, split them in a sloping flat surface to dry clean, not bibulous, with respect to OK, I used a lot of times, tried.
  • When wet, hang out to dry, and tidy up your clothes! You won’t get away with it.

Special attention to laundry

  1. The collar is as good as the time it is worn.
  2. The skirt should draw flat.
  3. Shoulders, it is better to find similar to shoulder width of hangers, if the hanger is too small, the clothes dry will make shoulders with two racks of impressions, if the hanger is too wide, the sleeve also easy to have clothes tree line. The solution can be used to find two clips, adjust the sleeves of the garment to the appropriate position, and use the clip.
  4. Show your cotton clothes when they are airing.
  5. If it’s knitted, hang it and hang it. Suggest you buy a flat basket (like a bamboo plaque) to hang your clothes out to dry, so you won’t get out of your way!
  6. You won’t wash your hands in expensive clothes. They will be dry-cleaned, and they will be ironed out.


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