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How to Wash Clothes with No Fade

Household cleaning,News 2016-11-18 1,086


1 new cotton vest, with boiling water and then dip to wear, wear and do not fade.

2 jeans washed easily fade, wash before the first put it in the cold concentrated brine soak for about 2 hours, then wash with soap so that

it’s not easy to fade.

3 wash easily fade clothes, you can put the clothes into the brine for about 30 minutes, then wash with water, and then washing by general washing method. In this way, the clothes can be prevented from fading, especially the black or red clothes.

More significant.

4 sweater washed easily fade, if the use of herbal tea water soak 10 minutes, then washed by the general washing method , after this method of washing, the sweater can not only wash clean, and will not fade, but also to extend the wear


5 colored cloth bleaching due to improper washing will affect its appearance. Most dyes are easily dissolved in water.

Under the dye in the sun’s effect is also easy to fade; the combination of dye and fiber lines is not strong enough, will be washed when Fade. So, for the clothing does not fade, except do not pay attention to the hot water, soap and water, alkaline water when washing long

Between immersion, don’t rub or brush brush for washing, washing can put some salt in the water, and then rinse with water to dry.

Net, is also a good way to prevent clothes from fading.

6 use high-quality brand-name laundry detergent, washing powder, such as our CLEACE washing series. This product extracted from the plant

Compound fruit extract, environmental safety, concentrated strong decontamination, no added fluorescent agent, the original export product quality,

Detection contains all of the national standards, product formula for infants and sensitive skin, mild and no stimulation,more safe.




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