How To Use Laundry Detergent To Be Safe And Health?

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1. It’s not good to add scented laundry detergent

Analysis: correct

Most people who buy cleaning products have to consider whether the smell is good or not. However, the vast majority of spray perfume is a synthetic chemical raw material, 95% from kerosene, such as benzene and formaldehyde, which may cause cancer, can also lead to fertility problems, but more often cause allergic dermatitis.


2. Washing clothes without washing powder

Analysis: correct

Direct contact with the skin for a long time after alkaline detergent, weak acid environment of the superficial layers of the skin will be damaged, the obstacles to the role of bacterial growth will disappear, easy to cause the skin itching, and even cause the symptom such as atopic dermatitis, or pigmentation in the skin. So when you wash your clothes, it’s best to use soap.

Ps: For your safety and health considerations, you should choose a suitable detergent powder manufacturer .


3. Washing powder can use more than one powder

Analysis: error

In the life, there are many people to use washing powder as “all use a clean agent”, besides wash clothes, also take scrub furniture, floor, think it has decontamination, disinfection, bactericidal action. This may lead to washing powder entering the body. Experts suggest that even small amounts of laundry detergent can cause poisoning. Do you dare to multitask?


4. The effect of multi-function washing powder is good

Analysis: error

Many of the advertisements for washing powder have claimed to have added some new recipes and have more and stronger washing effects. These formulations mainly include a surfactant, help lotion, and enzyme, etc., to reach the easy solution, clean, soft, foaming, eliminate clothes electrostatic and other purposes. But there’s a lot more stuff added to washing powder, and it’s not good for our health. The commonly used aid lotion is harmful to the human liver; The surfactant has long been found to damage the cuticle of the skin, causing rough skin and is now regarded as an important public hazard of environmental pollution. Powerful detergent containing alkaline substances in addition to affect water quality, also can damage human body cell membrane, makes the structure protein denaturation: whitening washing powder contains organochlorine, fluorescent agent is toxic substances, easily accumulate in the body, cause a harm to health.


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