How to Use Detergent Most Effective?

News 2017-8月-周一 923

The proper use of washing powder

Before using, you should look at the packing and find out the type of washing powder and according to the instructions on the packet use correctly. In general, wash the washing powder with warm water first, then soak the wet clothes.It is best to wash after 15 ~ 20 minutes.

It’s important to note that the enzymes laundry powder with water temperature cannot exceed 60 ℃, otherwise, the enzyme will be inactivation, thus affecting the washing effect.

When storing washing powder, should pay attention to moisture proof, prevent bask in, place in the shade and dry place, especially add the enzyme plus fragrant laundry powder, the temperature is too high flavor will volatilize, the enzyme will lose the activity.

Pay attention to the point above when you use washing powder to wash your clothes.


Try to buy detergent for water pollution.

Do not use detergent recklessly, the washing machine to wash clothes depends on how much clothes, add a moderate amount of washing powder and clothes were soaked.

When hand washes clothes, had better use soap instead of washing powder.

When low use detergent rinse clothes must rinse clean.

Do not wash your hair with washing powder or direct contact with the skin. Washing powder can cause skin irritation or leave pigmentation on the skin.


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