How to Remove the Stains on the Household Carpet?

News 2017-9月-周五 1,007

Carpet is a kind of high-grade adornment shop floor material, have sound insulation, heat insulation, the antifouling effect to have household goods. Carpet color is rich and colorful, the pattern is flowery and comfortable, give a person to bring the sense of nobility and enjoy, become the small pendulum of the sitting room is decorated, swing a piece. But how to clean the carpet? As a member of washing powder manufacture, I will introduce some simple methods to you today.


1. Recovery as new

In the evening, the salt is sprinkled on the carpet, and the next morning, with a clean warm rag, the salt will be removed and the carpet will fade to the original color.

2. Remove stains

Animal and plant oil trace: can be dipped in cotton with high purity gasoline. Juice and beer trace: should dip in a soft cloth dip in washing powder solution first, then with lukewarm water add a few vinegar solution scrub. Coffee stains: use dry cloth or paper to absorb moisture, then mix the same amount of liquor and alcohol on the stain and wipe with dry cloth.

3. Clean the carpet

The first to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up dirt from the rug, then local processing, with special detergent carpet stains above separately for processing will be diluted foam carpet cleaner, injection c box. Use a hand brush to handle the edges, corners, and places where the machine can be pushed. Use a single-disk sweeper with a bubbler and carpet brush to dry the carpet and then brush the carpet ciliate with a carpet. This step is important for a long cotton carpet. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt and dry foam crystals, waiting for the carpet to dry.

4. Remember

Carpet must use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning every day, because of the thin seam of carpet is the easiest to hide the dirty, and we often walk barefoot on the carpet, unsanitary carpet is bad to people’s health.


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