How to Remove Juice Stains from Clothing?

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It is difficult to remove clothes if they are stained with fruit juice. So you have to deal with it immediately. Otherwise, over time, the stain becomes a stubborn stain, and it’s hard to clean it up.

When you touch the juice, wash it with a wet towel and wash it with washing powder. If there are spots, bleach can be used.

If you drag a juice stain for a while, you have to do it differently.

The first step is to identify the nature of the juice and take the appropriate approach. If sweet fruit juice can be used raw and frozen radish juice wash; The astringent is washed with vinegar; Acid juice can be removed with alkaline cleaning agent or a liter of water for 20 CC ammonia solution. If it is a juice with pigment, such as watermelon juice, mango juice, etc., can be washed off with alcohol.


Different ways to remove different stain

(1) Milk stain:

Usually washed in cold water, or cleaned with gasoline or acetone. Easy to remove, use cotton or dip in hydrogen peroxide solution to remove, then wash with water. Also can be washed with detergent, then use light ammonia water to wash.

(2) Persimmon stain:

Immediately use the wine with concentrated brine to knead, then wash with the warm washing lotion, then rinse the water with clear water.

(3) Fruit juice:

Fresh stain can be used to wipe the dirt with concentrated salt water, or immediately sprinkle salt on the stain, rub with the hand, then wash it in the detergent solution. The stain can be soaked in 5% ammonia, then cleaned with detergent and rinse with water. Use both salt and vitamin C to remove the fruit stains. The method: soak the stain first, then wipe it with a fine salt or vitamin C without icing. Dry, then wash with water. If the stain can be repeated twice. Good effect!


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