How to Remove Ink Stains on Your Hands?

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In life, we often encounter ink stains on our hands, which are ugly and not easy to remove. Now from the third grade of primary school to write the penned word, in the process of using the pen, a lot of children operate inappropriately, the ink is filled with the hand, wash with hand sanitizer still has the trace. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to wash the ink.


Disinfectant + hand sanitizer

Rub your fingers for 2 minutes using disinfectant, then wash your fingers with hand sanitizer for 3 minutes. After the test, the ink remains obvious. Wash your hands over and over again. Disadvantages: injured hand, long time.

Discharge makeup oil + detergent

Gently rub the oil in the hand, rub for 2 minutes, then mix with the detergent for 2 minutes, rinse with water, and then reduce the test ink, and gradually fade away again and again. Faults: a long time.

Alcohol + soap

Pour some alcohol on your hands, rub the soap for three minutes, then rinse it out, test it, cut the ink more than half, and then gradually eliminate it several times. Disadvantages: injured hand, supplies trouble.

Gasoline + shampoo

Pour palms on petrol and then squeeze some shampoo, and rub for 2 minutes, then wash, after the test, the ink to reduce 80%, but still have ink shadow, can be repeated again 2 times, eliminate ink blot. Disadvantages: injured hand, supplies trouble.

Banana water + detergent

Rub together with banana water, add washing powder to wash and then rinse thoroughly after the test ink is already very weak, then clean again, ink stain can fade gradually. Disadvantages: injured hand, supplies trouble.

Rice soup + hand sanitizer

Apply ink stains with boiled rice soup, then wash with hand sanitizer, rinse with water, and repeat 2–3 times, and then disappear with test ink stains. Faults: supplies trouble.

Air oil essence + wipes

Rub the oil in the ink and rub it for 2 minutes, rub it with a wipes towel, wash the ink in half, and wash the ink over and over again. Wash successfully without hurting your hands.


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