How to Prevent the Breeding of Household Mites?

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What is the mite?

As for the mite, I’m sure everyone knows how terrible it is! The mite is like wet afraid of light, they mainly breed in carpet, soft sofa, bedding, mattress and pillow core, among them, the mite bug that is attached to bedding, mattress and pillow core is the biggest harm to the human body! And mites have a strong reproductive capacity, and bodies and debris are highly allergenic. Not timely treatment is also very easy to cause allergic constitution, even cause allergic rhinitis, asthma and so on the lifelong incurable disease, still can inherit.

The mange mite is rounded or elliptic, with a raised, milky or pale yellow.

The mite is a kind of insect that is not easily visible to the naked eye, which breeds in mattresses and bedding, which can cause skin allergy and attract disease. Every time you ignore it, the tiny mites will take the initiative to find you and keep you awake. As a washing powder supplier, here are a few ways to get rid of mites.




How to prevent the breeding of mites?

1. Don’t allow mites to live.

Packing mattresses and pillows with special anti-mite materials is an effective way to avoid allergens. New mattress is best not to tear out package of plastic sheeting, curtain or window blind should switch to shutter, household decorative fabric for vinyl resin should be replaced or leather cushion, try to use the wooden furniture, regular cleaning in order to reduce the amount of dust, etc., is a good way to reduce mites.

2. Lower relative humidity.

Using a dehumidifier and air conditioner, the relative humidity control is below 50 %, which can effectively reduce the multiplication of mites. The family of the wet area does not spread a carpet, if must use, should vacuum vacuuming once a week, and often change the pocket of the vacuum cleaner. Do not use steam to clean the carpet, which in turn will promote the growth of mites.

3. Kill mites.

Well, the bed is a cotton and linen fabric that accumulates a large number of flakes that fall off from our bodies. According to statistics, there are at least a few million mites living in the average bed. Two points need to be done to remove mites from bunks:

  • Soak with around 60 ℃ hot water and wash the bedding bag, bed sheets and pillow cases. 60 ℃ hot water can effectively kill mites, and soften the mite body is easy to remove.
  • The core, pillow, and mattress can’t be washed with water, but we can wrap them up with professional anti-mite fabric. The anti-mite fabric is so dense that the gaps between the fibers are much smaller than the size and feces of the mites. Therefore, the mites can be completely sealed off in the bed.

Plush toys or small items, etc., should be 17 ℃ below zero – 20 ℃ below zero frozen for at least 24 hours in the environment, further cleaning, also can effectively kill mites.


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