How to Kill Germs for Your Home?

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For cotton, stationery, tableware and other household items, we can use boiling disinfection method, boiling can make bacterial protein frozen denaturation, generally need 15 to 20 minutes, boiling water at the same time the water must be over cooked items. This method is simple and safe. Before boiling, of course, we need to understand the degree to which each material can be subjected to high temperatures and the ability to use taboos.


And like a small furniture decorative light, these can not use high-temperature disinfection can use alcohol disinfection method to undertake disinfection. Alcohol can clot the protein of the bacteria, commonly use 75% of the alcohol to disinfect the skin, or soak the food for 30 minutes.

There is also a method that you often use, which is the recently used irrigation and immersion sterilization method, which is mainly aimed at the textile and our own cleaning. The first thing we need to do is to make good use of our hand sanitizer and soap to wash these cleaning products. Wash your hands with water and soap frequently.

Such as cloth, carpet is not suitable for high temperature boiling items available in 0.5% acetic acid peroxide 0.5 1 hour, or with 5% bleach solution (bleaching powder after precipitation, the above water) for 30 to 60 minutes, also can use the chlorine-antiseptic 500 milligram/litre of cleaning agent for 5 to 10 minutes, take out after water rinse. The disinfectant should be completely submerged when immersed. Some small smart home products, mobile switch due to the kind of color is the Shanghai Hiro Etsu department may not be able to use chemicals to clean up, can use the ointment, with cotton swabs to please, and then a little alcohol to wipe with cosmetic cotton can achieve disinfection effect.

For indoor air, in fact, many people believe that as long as in autumn winter season, often maintain indoor ventilation, ventilation is not actually killed microbes, just in a short time, make indoor and outdoor air exchange, reduce the number of interior pathogenic microbes, cannot be completely removed. In fact, you can clean the house with some disinfectant in the water with the mop, and the disinfectant evaporates into the air.

In addition to disinfectant, vinegar is also a good disinfection tool. Vinegar contains a variety of ingredients such as acetic acid, has the certain bactericidal ability, can be used as domestic indoor air disinfection. About 10 square meters of room, usable vinegar 100-150 grams, add water 2 times, put the ceramic bowl inside small fire slow steam 30 minutes when fumigation to close door window.

For table, chair, bed, ground these inconvenient move furniture supplies, can use bleach to disinfect, bleaching powder can make the enzyme in the bacterium lose activity, make its death. Table and other household and ground, usable 1% – 3% of bleaching powder of white powder to wipe disinfection.

Often occurs in some countries of plush toys and cushion in the home, cloth art supplies, in addition to the sun outside, is to clean dust can use baking soda, and of course their modulation method of disinfectants, by soaking, washing, spraying to remove microorganisms to kill pathogens. It is one of the most commonly used sterilization methods in family life.

To attain ideal family disinfection effect, still need to pay attention to control the concentration of disinfectant and time requirements, because of various pathogens resistance of disinfection method, should be a reasonable choice according to the specific situation.


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