How to Clean the Painting Pen Stains on Your Clothes?

News 2017-8月-周五 916

Children play by nature, and when they are not careful, they always leave such a stain on their clothes. Mothers always get upset when they wash their children’s clothes. Drawing is something a child loves, but how do you remove a paintbrush?As a qualified washing powder wholesale, I will give you some effective ways to remove the painting pen stains on your clothes.


1. Use vinegar to wash the stained area

2. Try a chemical that floats

3. After diluted with 84 disinfectant, bubble is a little bit about the try, but must grasp the dilution ratio and soaking time, the and degree of land of dyed garments and dyed, best floating a few times more, rather than trouble spot, also do not drift too far.

4. Using amway

5. Potassium permanganate and acetic acid

Approach is to a little potassium permanganate in water, then going to rinse the clothes in, should fully saturated, 10 to 20 minutes, the clothes will be dark yellow, picked up the clothes, wash water; Then a little acetic acid soluble in water, put soaked clothes of potassium permanganate in acetic acid solution, the clothes will be by the dark red slowly into the original color, and dye the color place also fade away and won’t damage the clothes the color of the original. Sometimes to yellow clothes can also use this method.

6. Add detergent powder and detergent with anionic surfactant to the warm water, and soak in warm water for more than half an hour, then wash it with your hands. If you are still not clean, put all your clothes in the water at 50 degrees, add a small amount of washing powder, and use the fading of the garment to reduce the stain color.

7. Moistened the stain with water, then spread the salt. Rub it again and again with the hand. It will not be dyed. Rinse with water.

8. Place the dyed clothes in a bowl of hot water with 10 tablespoons of baking soda per liter. Cover your clothes with a bay leaf, so that you can leave them overnight, and the next morning, when you wash them, you’ll find that they are white again.

Note: bleaching is not good for the body. Bleaching is a chemical special tin compound. It is a strong chlorine product. Some are potassium permanganate, and the hydrogen peroxide is oxidized and bleached, if not white, with a fluorescent brightener. These are very bad for the human body.


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