How to Choose The Washing Powder

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How to choose the washing powder



dry , everyone willing to buy the laundry detergent can be washed as new clothes, that the advantages and disadvantages of washing powder has played a very important role.then how to choose the washing powder

Look at the printing quality of the packaging. Good quality washing powder packaging and printing quality is relatively clear, the manufacturer’s name and address will be printed to the packaging above.
Look at the color of washing powder. Good quality washing powder white symmetry, there will be no impurities or dark color discoloration of the situation.
Smelling washing powder. Good washing powder will not have bad smell of the smell, and some washing powder joined the spices, after washing clothes with it ,you can smell a good smelling of the taste.
Look at the detergent particles. Good quality detergent particles more consistent, will not absorb moisture caking, will not show a mixture of particles and fine powder.
Look at the situation with water fusion. Good washing powder dissolved in water dissolved, more foam but easy to wash the foam away.
If you are lazy, or no time to carefully choose, then recommend you buy CLEACE series of washing powder, safe and clean.


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