How Do you Wash the Watermelon Juice on Your Clothes?

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In summer, watermelon is also the first choice for people to quench their thirst. But children always leave watermelon juice on their clothes when they eat them, and how they can’t be washed. This makes it difficult for many parents. How to remove stubborn watermelon juice stains from clothing?

As a qualified washing powder wholesalelet me untangle this puzzle today.


It is difficult to remove clothes if they are stained with fruit juice. So you have to deal with it immediately, otherwise it’s going to be a long time, and the stain becomes a stubborn spot, and it’s hard to clean it up. When you touch the juice, wash it with a wet towel and wash it with detergent. If there are spots, bleach can be used. If you drag a juice stain for a while, you have to do it differently.

1、If it is a freshly dipped watermelon juice, you should wash it immediately and put some salt in the stain before cleaning it. The purpose is to let the stain be absorbed by salt and then wash it with soap.

2、If you have dried watermelon juice, you can rub it in white vinegar for a few minutes, then wash it in a normal order.

3、Warm water + detergent soak. Wet the laundry detergent and soak the dirty clothes for an hour before washing them. They can also enhance the stain.

4、After the baking soda is boiled. Take some baking soda, soak it in water, then rub it, then wash it in a normal order.

5、84 disinfectant. This one needs to be careful, don’t exchange too much, or it will cause the clothing to fade. Add a little bit of water to the stain and soak for a while and then wash it off.

6、The ultimate big trick: bleach. Color bleach for colored clothes and plain white clothing. The supermarket has the sale, need to follow the instruction to determine the proportion of water to the water, put the clothes in to soak 1-2 hours after normal cleaning, general stain is gone.


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