How Do You Wash a Cashmere Sweater?

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Because cashmere fiber is delicate and gentle, if not careful, can be damaged easily, so you need special care and care. Then how to maintain the cashmere sweater? How do you wash a cashmere sweater?As a qualified washing powder wholesale, it is our duty to recommend  some simple and effective methods.

Cashmere sweaters require constant maintenance:

When wearing cashmere underwear, it can’t be rough and hard, such as jeans, hemp, chemical fiber, etc. Do not insert pen items in the outer coat, lest cause systemic or local to increase the friction of the cashmere sweater, formed pilling ball. When collocation is worn, had better choose smooth lining coat. When worn out, try to minimize friction with hard objects, such as the long sleeves at the table friction and drag. Dust often. Dust with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner, once a week. On a sunny day, let it dry for an hour to keep it dry, once a week. Rotate your clothes. Prepare two or three closets, put them in a dry place and put them in a flat bed to keep them fresh.


Washing steps:

In general, cashmere clothing is best dry-cleaned. If you wash with water, step by step.

1. Turn the cashmere sweater from the inside to the outside. Measure the size of each part or according to the outline of the cashmere sweater, cut the paper board with the same size as the garment.

2, if smudgy serious when, in the first 35 ℃ with foam neutral detergent soaked in water for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Avoid the use of enzymes or bleaching chemicals and lotion and shampoo to prevent erosion.

3, smudgy serious clothes, put the neutral detergent in 35 ℃ warm water, such as sparkling in the clothing, after take knead gently with the hand, do not rub. Jacquard or multicoloured cashmere sweaters are not easy to soak, lest they be strung together.

4, with 35 ℃ and 40 ℃ warm water wash two or three times, finally can put a little vinegar or the clean water softener, feel better. Fold the washed cashmere sweater over the slanting board and gently press the water out or into the cloth bag to dehydrate the washing machine. Then lay the flat to dry, not to hang dry.

5. According to the pre-cut paper, the clothes are paved and the appearance is arranged. Mat on the wet towel, with medium temperature (140 ℃) of an iron. Avoid contact with a cashmere sweater directly.


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