Household Cleaning — The Most Concerned Topic

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Household cleaning is the most concerned about a topic in every family, so what will you pay attention to the daily cleaning of household, I compiled for everybody below about household daily cleaning of the matters needing attention, to welcome you all to read.

1. The plastic floor cannot be towed directly with water

Direct water cleaning and cleaning of the plastic floor will make the detergent and plastic gel play a chemical role, causing the plastic floor surface to be degummed or stilted. So if you hit the water on the plastic floor, you should dry it as soon as possible.


2. The leather sofa should not be wiped with hot water

The Dermal sofa is not to use superheated water to wipe because heat can make dermal leather deformed wrinkly. Actually, leather sofa and person’s skin care is same, we can use a wet cloth lightly to wipe, if the surface is stained with oil, can dilute the detergent and dip cloth to wipe gently.

3. Cleaning of pot and utensils.

After using the cooker, clean the front and back immediately, and the bottom of the pot must be dried. Most people only wash the surface of the pot, but it is very wrong to wash the bottom of the pot. Because of the bottom of the pot, often the soup of the backflow, if not cleaned, will remain at the bottom, and the thickness of the bottom of the pot will thicken gradually. The pot will become heavier and heavier, and it will also affect the speed of cooking, so you must wash it with the opposite side, then put the stove on the stove to dry, and thoroughly remove the water from the bottom of the pot.

4. Wicker furniture cleaning

Wicker furniture if washed with ordinary detergent can damage the surface of the cane. It is best to scrub with a light saltwater, and not only can it get stains on the surface of the cane, but also make the cane soft and elastic to keep the color bright. The dust on the cane chair, the brush that usable wool head soft is swept from the net by introversion. If the stain is too heavy, use detergent to wipe it off, and then wipe it with the dry cloth. If white cane chair, it is best to put a bit of white vinegar at the end. Vinegar can be neutralized with detergent to prevent discoloration. Dip baking soda water with a brush to wash the cane chair also can get rid of the dirt.

5. Walking route when cleaning

The specific policy is: from top to bottom, from the inside out, put the cleaning appliance in a bucket, let it follow you at any time, and clean the room clockwise. Centralize the required cleaning equipment and keep the cleaned rooms clean and tidy. Clean the household to catch dust again.


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