Get to Know the Zika Virus Quickly

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CDC department explained, Zika Virus is a kind of yellow virus, is now considered to be spread by mosquitoes arboviruses, was first made in 1947 in Uganda, separate card in the forest.

Only a few cases of human cases have been reported in the past, until the outbreak of a cluster outbreak on Yap Island in the federated states of Micronesia in 2007, only to have more awareness of the disease. Zika Virus can be divided into two types: Asian and African. No, there are records in central Africa, southeast Asia, and India.

As for the transmission route, the Zika Virus is currently believed to be the key to the transmission cycle of the virus, but the detailed transmission of the virus remains to be studied. But in general, it is believed that after the bite of a vector-infected mosquito, the disease begins after an incubation period of about 3 to 7 days.


What are the clinical symptoms of Zika Virus? Infection in onset period, blood is there Nazca viruses, such as being vector mosquitoes, virus in vector mosquitoes in the proliferation of 15 days or so, into the mosquito salivary glands, will have the ability to transmit the virus, and when it stings another healthy person, a healthy person will also by the Nazca virus infection.

Once he suffered Nazca virus infection, common symptoms include headaches, fever, maculopapular, joint pain and reactions such as conjunctivitis (eye), sometimes accompanied by muscle ache, as well as the eye socket after pain symptoms occur, symptoms are mild compared with dengue fever.

There is no effective and effective vaccine for Zika Virus. However, in general, just through moderate supportive therapy — including adequate rest, non-aspirin desensionists — to remove some discomfort and replenish enough water. Usually, after a week or so of infection, you can heal yourself.

How to prevent Zika Virus? Zika Virus infection is currently believed to be a mosquito-borne virus, no vaccine or drug treatment, so avoiding mosquito bites is a major preventative approach. In endemic area, you can use our mosquito coils and anti-mosquito liquid which contains DEET, Picaridin, IR353, Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, or contains a diamino glycol to keep the mosquitoes away from you. After using mosquito repellent products, you’d better not stay indoors.

Due to the lack of selectivity of mosquito bites, the possibility of Zika epidemic is possible once Zika Virus enters the community and the environment of the local mosquito breeding source is nearby. Therefore, the people should be good at the elimination work of the breeding source of mosquito breeding, and the use of screen window screen to isolate mosquito, more guarantee.


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