General Ways To Remove Stains

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We encounter different types of stains every day, here are some common ones often meet and followed with rough removal methods which can help you understand the general way to get rid of the stains. For more details, you can refer to our website.

Chocolate stain. The clothes can be soaked in the water that is exposed to intense sunlight or ammonia solution to clean, the stain can be removed.

Ice cream stain. With a teaspoon of sodium borate and a teaspoon of water, soak the stain in the solution and wash it with water.


Egg stains. The stain made from egg juice can be quickly removed with enzymatic synthetic detergents. Soak the stain in a heated glycerin and then wipe it with a glycerine cloth for 15 minutes before rinsing it with water.

White cotton texture’s mold point. The stain can be cleaned with milk, then rinsed with warm water then dry in the sun. Matched with Aogrand’s products, stains can be easily removed, and Aogrand is professional in washing powder wholesale.

The rust stains on the clothes. First, soak the rust stain in fresh lemon juice, then dry the damp cloth with an iron. Also, use hot tea water to soak in the stain for a few minutes and then soak with lemon juice. Rinse immediately with warm water.

Wax and hard grease stains. The clothes were stained with candle oil, and the general cleaning method was not able to wash them away. Use a razor blade to gently scrape the wax off the surface of the garment, then place the clothes on the table and let the side of the candle stains stand on the top. Put two pieces of paper on it and press the iron repeatedly.

The rain stains on the woolen fabric. The stain can be brushed with a soft brush that has been dipped in water and then pressed dry with a damp cloth.

The urine stains are treated as quickly as possible. Before using pure vinegar, gently dry the liquid with a dry sponge, and then remove the method like a blood stain.

Lip balm, cosmetics, shoe oil dip in turpentine or liquor extract. In addition to the yellow mud stained trousers, there are yellow mud spots, first use raw ginger juice, then wash with clean water, the yellow spot will fade immediately.

Removal of blood and milk. You can’t wash clothes with blood or milk stains in hot water. The new trails should be washed in cold water immediately, and the old traces should be washed with detergent and then washed with light ammonia.

Chop the carrots and mix them with salt, rub them on the clothes stained with blood and milk, and rinse them with water.

The clothes stained with blood and milk should be cleaned with ginger, then dipped in cold water to scrub, leaving no trace.


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