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The 23rd righteousness expo will be held on October 21-25 this year, the exhibition covers hardware, mechanical and electrical machinery, electronic appliances, daily necessities, handicrafts, office culture, sports and outdoor leisure products, clothing shoes and hats, needles textiles, jewelry and jewelry accessories, toys, pet and aquarium supplies, automotive supplies, intelligent life style, etc. The exhibition is mainly composed of exhibition trading, business purchase, and docking, conference BBS, etc.

The 2017 China Yiwu international small commodities fair — one of the major exhibitions in China’s major business areas: electrical appliances, jewelry, automobiles, high-end clothing, healthy food, accessories, etc. The exhibition will be held in Yiwu on October 21-25.

Exhibition Information

Exhibition scale: A professional audience of 220 000/2 200 exhibitors/Exhibition area of 150 000 square meters

Main exhibits of this exhibition: Hardware, electrical equipment (including smart products)/Daily necessities/Arts and crafts and stationery/Entertainment and sports products/Jerseys and decorations/Toy/Holiday products and services/Pet products/Car and motorcycle parts/Jewelry and accessories/E-commerce and business services

Created for the following areas: Production/import and export, wholesaler/Retail/Investment/Household goods/Tourism/Service/Design/IT/Sports products and products rest/Culture

Well, if you want to come to our booths, please contact us or look the following information.


Booth Information

Let’s talk to you about how to find us in the exhibition. You have to find AoGrand Home Mall. This is our booth name. This year, we will have 6 booths to show you our products.

Booth Number: B2A42/B2A43/B2A44/B2B17/B2B18/B2B19


Product Range: Washing products/Others family use house arts/ Household goods

Booth Category Household items


Since taking part in Yiwu fair in 2011, we have been able to make more than a dozen orders at every Yiwu fair. Of course, these results depend entirely on the high quality of our products and the service consciousness of the sales team. This year we will launch a series of new products for your choice. Therefore, welcome to our booths to consult us.


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