Drying Clothes Without Wrinkles Needs Tricks

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Normally we wash the clothes to dry inevitably there will be wrinkles, so how to prevent drape? While washing clothes, it is important to pay attention to the method of washing, avoid machine wash, and also pay attention to the use of washing powder in hand washing. Knowing this, it’s not enough. Here, I’ll tell you how to make clothes without wrinkles.


Sundress anti-wrinkle method

After the clothes are removed from the washing machine, they should be immediately taken out to dry, as the clothes are placed too long in the dehydrating machine, which tends to fade and wrinkle.

Avoid direct sunlight by drying clothes

1. It will make clothes wear long. In particular, many clothes like MAO, silk, nylon and other clothes, after direct sunlight exposure, often turns yellow. So this kind of clothes should be dried in the shade. All white wool fabrics are most suitable for drying. Generally, it’s better to have a cool and ventilated place than daylight.

2. After removing the clothes from the dehydrator, shake them immediately to prevent wrinkles. In addition, the shirt, smock, sheet and so on dry, good pull the exhibition light clap, also help prevent wrinkling.

Chemical fiber clothes drying

Chemical fiber clothes can be hung directly on the hanger, let its natural dehydration and drying. In this way, it can neither wrinkle nor be clean.

Sweater drying

After the sweater has been dehydrated, it can be placed on the net or curtain to smooth the shaping, to be slightly dry, hang hanging on the hanger to choose a ventilated cool place to dry. In addition, the fine wool line before drying, first on the coat hanger rolls up a towel, prevent deformation.


1. Wash after soaking, please do not immerse, avoid using alkalescent washing powder.

2. Artificial fiber fabric and all kinds of woolen thread wash should only be gently kneaded, after water rinse, can’t wring out, usable washing machine to dry.

3. Synthetic fiber fabrics encounters when water temperature is too high, there will be shrinkage, sticky and surface wrinkled, so the above 30 ℃ water washing is not available.


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