Does It Matter If You Leave Some Foam After Washing?

News 2017-7月-周三 1,033


Now the washing product seems to be very “efficient,” obviously has been used as little as possible, but every time washing clothes, washing machine’s drum will always remain a lot of foam. Or if it’s a hand wash, it’s been washed five or six times, and the water is still stubborn with a lot of “little bubbles.” Does that matter?

Experts point out that a small amount of foam does not matter, it should be in a safe range. In washing powder dosage is roughly the right circumstances, fully automatic washing machine is set to normal washing process can be full clothes clean, if it is washed by hand, thoroughly rinsed three times. Consumers can choose high foam and low-foam detergents according to their habits. No matter what type of laundry products you want, the user will be able to clean, convenient, and easy to rinse.


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