Disinfection Problems of Household Cleaning

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When the epidemic disease is easy to spread, many mothers are keen to sterilize their homes. However, in the ordinary household environment, the frequent use of chemical elimination of drugs is not necessary and will cause corrosion to household items. Therefore, it is very important to use safe and environmental protection methods.

Use  chlorinated disinfectant carefully

For household disinfectants, the first thing to do is to be reliable. Secondly, it is safe and cannot harm the human body. But some chlorine-containing disinfectants can have a strong corrosive effect, the smell can also damage the respiratory tract mucous membrane, and the corrosion of the goods is relatively large at the same time. Therefore, in the use of the process should ensure the safety of the human body, in the dilution of high concentration of disinfectant should wear masks, gloves to protect, and strictly follow the instructions.

Cleaning is better than disinfectant

There are many disinfection products on the market for the home environment, but frequent use is not recommended. What should be done in the home is to clean the environment every day, and disinfection products need to be used under certain conditions. Generally, the home should clean every day, remove the dust from the environment and the surface of the goods and open the Windows. Wiping down the surface of the article is also a generalized disinfection process, which can remove microorganisms.


Therefore, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the affected areas. The more humid the environment is, the more likely the bacteria are to be developed, and the kitchen and bathroom areas should be more attentive when cleaning. The wooden board in the kitchen shall be cleaned and hung or hung to dry after each use, and it will be washed and ironed once a week to achieve the effect of sterilization. Wash and dry the dishcloth after use, boil it once a week, and after boiling it for 15 minutes, it can be sterilized. The towel in the toilet must pay attention to dry after use, otherwise, it is often in damp condition, very easy breed bacterium; Towels are not replaced regularly, but should be boiled and disinfected. The washing machine should open the cover after use and make it dry inside. The textile in the home is regularly air-dried. If outdoor does not have the space to hang the space can be in the indoor that have sunshine to maintain ventilated circumstance, the textile is spread out to dry a period of time, also can achieve the effect.

In addition to daily cleaning, the disinfectant can be used properly only in certain circumstances, otherwise, excessive disinfection may be caused. First of all, when there is an epidemic in the region, it should be disinfected daily on the surface of household items. Secondly, when there are infectious diseases in the family, they need to be disinfected several times a day to kill the pathogenic microorganisms.

If you buy used products, such as furniture, clothing, etc., it’s best to disinfect them first. If there is a baby in the home, its articles should be disinfected every day. If there is no such situation in the home, as long as the attention to clean the bedroom can, do not need to use disinfection product every day.



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