Daily Home Cleaning Tips

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A home is a place to create comfort and warmth and a place to create dirt. Household cleanness besides can maintain the clean and beautiful of the house, also have an influence on the health of the body. But often after work, after work may have dragged exhausted body, lazy to rise to clean again.

Even a simple family matter suddenly becomes difficult. This is where clever cleaning is important. Here are some tips to help you make your home more interesting.


1. The metal area of the faucet can be easily marked with a water mark. If you wipe it with wax paper, you will find that you can drastically reduce the number of cleaning.

2. There is only one old mop, but there is no mop, and use the old socks that are clearly loose and dirty and not to be lost.

3. After the baking pan is sticky, it is not easy to clean. Before baking, remember to wipe a layer of salt on the plate, and the dough will fall off easily.

4. The surface stains and spots on the stove can be annoying. Try wiping with a cloth soaked in olive oil.

5. Cloth sofa, though elegant, difficult to clean up, but if with a tablespoon of soda, the third bottle of vinegar, a tablespoon of laundry detergent and hot water (don’t) boil mix, rub on the stain, can be cleared. Sodas help to clean up your knitting, sprinkle some on the sofa and spend a few hours clearing it.

6. When the pot is charred, the light is not in the mood. Just add some water, a cup of vinegar and bring it to a boil. When you start to ferment, add some soda, and then pour out the liquid when it stops. If there is still charred residue, gently add baking soda to wipe.

7. The dust of the wooden furniture can easily be seen, and the dust will not remain in the furniture until it is soaked in the soft cleaner.



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