Company News | Stop All the Fake Goods!

Company News 2017-10月-周三 1,528

In life, we often encounter the phenomenon of fake goods. Also in cross-border trade, there will be sellers and other infringing ACTS.

As we recently discovered, we have discovered two fake cases. One is to fake our company’s brand logo and washing powder packaging, the second is to steal our company’s official website.

Are fake goods harmful to our health? It’s hard to determine. So we need you to join us in rejecting fake goods! We need your persistence so that fake goods won’t have a market and won’t harm our health.


The appearance of this phenomenon is enough to illustrate the influence of our company. However, in order to prevent our customers from buying fake products, we have made a point of emphasizing this point: please recognize our brand in the hope that consumers will buy the products.

In fact, fake goods and fake goods have long been a persistent problem in the cross-border e-commerce industry, especially on third-party platforms such as wish (mobile shopping platform), quick sale, Dunhuang net, and eBay. Even if the platform cries for more governance and positive consolidation, it is difficult to fundamentally solve the problem, and many times it is weak.

In fact, for cross-border platforms, the governance of infringement is a long-term process, which will always accompany the growth of the platform. Now, the trickiest thing is to come up with a unified standard that allows the seller and the platform to follow.

There are still many policy risks in cross-border online retail, and it is not inevitable that cross-border e-commerce development will be smooth sailing. Cross-border e-commerce companies need to maintain a high level of vigilance at any time.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, our company will maintain a high level of vigilance and will inform our customers in the first time. We also remind consumers to pay more attention when buying products.


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