Company News | 2017 National Day Is Coming

Company News 2017-9月-周六 1,002

Tomorrow is the National Day. Do you know the National Day?

In China, October 1st every year is regarded as the National Day. On this day, the whole nation will have a fixed day of rest.


National Day is a statutory holiday made by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the independence of the country, the signature of the constitution, the birthday of the Fuhrer, or the anniversary of other monumental significance; Some are the saint’s day of the nation’s patron saint.

Although most of these countries have a similar day, due to the complex political relations, parts of this cannot be known as the National Day holiday, such as the United States independence day only, no National Day, the same meaning. In ancient China, the emperor was known as “National Day”.

Today, China’s National Day refers to the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1.

On National Day, all countries will hold different kinds of celebrations to strengthen the patriotic consciousness of their people and enhance the cohesion of the country. Countries should also congratulate each other. On the National Day of the 10th anniversary, some will also expand the celebration scale. To celebrate the National Day, governments usually will hold a National Day conference, by the heads of state and head of government or foreign minister to preside over, invite in local excellencies and other important foreign guests to attend. But other countries do not hold receptions, such as the United States and Britain.

October 1, 2017, is the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the 68th National Day! Here, I must inform you that our company will start the holiday tomorrow for five days. All customers please wait patiently until the day we work. If there is any demand, you can leave a message on our official website. If we have seen, we will contact you at the first time. Thank you for your cooperation!


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