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Comprehensive Xinhua Iran, nim news agency reported, an earthquake in Iraq and Iran has killed 474 people and injured another 9,388 in the quake zone, Iranian media reported Thursday.


According to the USGS earthquake information network, the epicenter of the 7.3-magnitude quake was in a Kurdish-controlled area about 32 kilometers southwest of Halabja, in the Iraqi province of Sulaymaniyah. At least 14 of Iran’s provinces have been affected by the quake, and more than 190 aftershocks have been reported so far. The worst hit in Iran’s Kermanshah province has been the end of search and rescue operations and the local government has declared three days of mourning.


According to official media messages between the two countries, the authorities have dispatched rescue teams rushed to the earthquake disaster area, due to the earthquake zone is located in the mountains, and the earthquake triggered landslides, in Iraq, the quake zone hospital hard-hit, rescue and so much more difficult. Residents were asked to stay outdoors for fear of aftershocks. The temperature at night was already low. The Iranian red crescent says more than 70,000 people are waiting to be rescued.

Iran’s tasnim news agency said the number of casualties caused by the quake was expected to rise as rescue efforts took place. Since the earthquake on December 12, aftershocks have exceeded 280, with a magnitude of 4. Level 5 to 6. Level 1.


At this point, all staff of our company sends greetings to the people of Iraq and Iran. We will try our best to give you the best help! I hope you don’t feel sad, you need to survive! Your departed loved ones, who are our relatives, may rest in peace with our hands; Your misfortune is our misfortune. We hold out our hands and hold you together. Let us pray for the victims of the disaster area! Wish them a speedy disaster!


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