Company News | Our Company Meeting Is Under Way…

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Notice: this week is the annual summary of our company’s Marketing Department. We will make a summary of our work in 2017 and do a good job planning for 2018.

Our meeting will last for a week. During the conference, we will not update news on our official website and the blogs on our brand websites. Please understand the special time!


The significance of this meeting is:

1. Realize effective management and promote communication and cooperation between companies.

2. Improve the efficiency of each department’s implementation of work objectives and track the work progress of each department.

3. Brainstorm and improve the work plan for improving sex and carrying out sex.

4. Coordinate the work methods, work progress, personnel, and equipment deployment of all departments.

We are a conscientious enterprise. We always put the needs of customers first. Our meeting will assign work according to different needs of customers, make full use of our resources to meet customers’ needs and give our customers the most satisfactory service quality.


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