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This year is the fellow victims of the Nanjing massacre of 80th anniversary, December 13th is the Nanjing Massacre Victims National Memorial day. Today, at 10 a.m., the Chinese Memorial square held a memorial ceremony in the national assembly of Nanjing massacre. 

The bloodbath of 80 years ago, has become the whole city of Nanjing, the Chinese, an indelible scar.


The National Memorial Day, the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall National victims of the Nanjing massacre memorial ceremony, also launched a series of activities to commemorate the memorial.

In October 26th, the Ontario provincial council of Canada passed the debate and vote. It passed the motion proposed by Huang Sumei, a Chinese Chinese provincial councilor, to set up the motion of “Nanjing Massacre Memorial Day” in Ontario Province in December 13th. This is the first region of the western state to pass the motion of the Nanjing massacre on the anniversary of the Holocaust.

In the afternoon of December 9th, thousands of overseas Chinese in Toronto District of Canada held a memorial meeting at the conference center of Wan Jin City, mourning the 300 thousand siblings who died in Nanjing massacre 80 years ago.


It is noteworthy, memorial day, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries and regions of the more than 10 overseas Chinese communities held commemorative activities simultaneously, and held “Nanjing massacre historical exhibition”. Yes, they are all running for history, running for justice and running for peace.

To oppose war and to pursue peace is to protect the value and dignity of every life. The Chinese people are fond of peace and have the ability to maintain peace. In today’s era, we sincerely hope that we should not forget history, respect human nature, cherish the achievements of modern civilization, and never return to such a darkly hour.


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