Company News | Auspicious Snow Bodes a Good Year, Labor Shows Your Elegant Demeanour

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Recently, the city ushered in a heavy snow, very cold. Heavy snow road has brought tremendous impact to travel and life of the residents. The heavy snow caused a lot of inconvenience to all of us.


For smooth traffic, convenient pedestrian travel, on the afternoon of January 25th four, the group leadership and organization staff to carry out the obligations of snow activities.



Under the leadership of the leader, employees are not afraid of cold, against the wind, waving spades began to group nearby and the road of snow and ice cleaning, we work together, with the tacit understanding, shovel shovel, push push, sweep sweep, do be in full swing, awfully busy figure, constitute a beautiful scenery. Although the outdoor temperature is very low, the enthusiasm of the people and the strength of solidarity make this winter very warm.


After fighting for more than an hour, we finally eliminated all the main entries, main roads and other places of the company’s snow, and opened a warm and smooth way for employees and visitors. Although all of your clothes and shoes were wet and sweating, but no one complained about the safety of the pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Everyone’s face was filled with a happy smile.



A heavy snow reflects a good spirit and team cohesion from the side. The group promptly organize employees to participate in snow activities, not only to ensure that the staff members and visitors safe travel and road traffic, more important is through this activity, fully reflects the company employees good collective sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit. As the saying goes, the big snow a year, the 2018 group must upgrade and innovation in the results!


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