Company News | Are You Planting Trees Today?

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The year of March 12th is our country’s tree planting day. Arbor Day is a festival to publicize and protect trees in accordance with the law and mobilize people to take part in the activities of afforestation.


Through this activity, to stimulate people’s love, afforestation enthusiasm, raise awareness on forest care, promote afforestation, to protect forests and expanding forest resources, improve the ecological environment.

Chinese arbor day begins to commemorate the death of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, February 23, 1979, China Fifth National People’s Congress of the sixth meeting of the Standing Committee decided in March 12th is still as Chinese arbor day, to encourage people of all nationalities afforestation, the benefit of future generations.

In fact, it was the day of the death of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. It is determined that this day is tree planting day, one is from the season of planting trees; two is to commemorate Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s success in advocating tree planting in his life.

Tree planting day is to protect the people to grow trees, encourage people to care for trees, and remind people to pay attention to trees. Trees play a very important role in the survival of human beings and for the ecological environment of the earth. 


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